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Marriage and Family Therapist #53455

Manhattan Beach Office
1230 Rosecrans Avenue, Suite 300
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Santa Monica/WLA Office
2716 Ocean Park Blvd, Suite 3075
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             Meet Tracy                                  EXPERIENCE aND EDUCATION

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, #53455.  I received my Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pepperdine University and have a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology with an emphasis in racial and ethnic stratification from UCLA.
I started my experience and training in 2006, volunteering at the Southern California Counseling Center (SCCC).  There I worked with teens/adolescents, adults, couples, and families.  At SCCC, I completed two years of specialized training in their School Based Program, working with teens at a local High School.  I also completed the SCCC Family/Couples Training Program which provided a solid foundation for helping families and couples in need.  In addition, I provided counseling through the SCCC Free Cognitive Behavioral Clinic where I was able to utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help clients through rough patches in their lives.  My professional training at SCCC also included Somatic Experiencing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Art Therapy, Family Systems, Solution-Focused Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Mindfulness, Attachment Therapy, and Gestalt Therapy to name a few.

I volunteered at the Covenant House, a youth shelter in Hollywood.  I volunteered at Children’s Hospital in the Emergency Room assisting families working their way through emergency admission.  I spent several years as an academic tutor to children from age 10-18 assisting them with math, English, Spanish, and test preparation.  I am the mother of two children and have a deep commitment and passion for Attachment Parenting.  In addition, I have experience with the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and the IEP process as well as students that are home schooled.

In my private practice, I specialize in working with adults struggling with anxiety and trauma, teens/adolescents, high conflict couples, parenting, co-parenting related to divorce, life transitions, and multi-cultural/ethnic issues.  I support my clients by providing a safe and nurturing relationship which empowers clients to discover themselves, find their voice, inspire change, and heal.

                                MY APPROACH TO THERAPY...

I have an eclectic style which incorporates many different orientations of therapy. I particularly enjoy utilizing; Solution Focused, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Psychodynamic, Gestalt, Somatic Experiencing, Family Systems, and Attachment Therapy techniques in my practice.  The manner in which I work is highly determined by my client and what speaks to them.  I work to help clients be the best person possible. I work to empower clients so they recognize their choices in life and take advantage of them. I enjoy working with adults, families, and couples, but especially love working with teens/adolescents and parents. I have had success with anxiety, stress, overwhelm, depression, family problems, relationship problems, and work and school issues. I treat my clients with the utmost respect to create an environment of safety and comfort. My clients grow through the partnership we create together.  We work collaboratively to foster awareness and empower change in a gentle and respectful manner. I really get to know my clients and support them through life's challenges. Clients find my style helpful and appreciate my feedback.  I foster a nonthreatening and safe environment to help my clients feel comfortable.

                            WHAT THERAPY MEANS TO ME...

I believe that therapy is a journey of self-discovery best realized in partnership with a safe and nurturing other.  Life can be exciting and very challenging.  It was not meant to be handled alone.  Therapy means finding support.  It means having a place where you can be authentic and not be judged.  It is a place where you can evaluate your personal journey and find the strength to recognize the answers to your inner most questions and make choices that will change your life. I believe that therapy empowers people to discover, find a voice, inspire change, and heal.


"Since working with Tracy, I have found my daughter to be more confident, outspoken and a lot more in touch with her own feelings. Tracy has been able to bring some peace into our daughter’s life. Tracy is ALWAYS there for our daughter and shows much love, empathy and encouragement toward her progress and feelings. We are very glad to have the privilege to work with Tracy."
- JM, Client

"Since working with Tracy, I have seen a new side of myself.  I am more outgoing and a person who is able to say how I feel.  I feel that Tracy has played a big part in that.  She is like a pair of non- judgmental ears and I feel that she is always there for me."
- SM, 14 Year Old Client

" I highly recommend our counselor Tracy in West LA.
My husband and I drove to her in separate cars at times, because all we could do was yell at each other. That's how bad it was.
Once with Tracy, she was able to get us to find out what triggered each other's reaction and what we could agree on doing to not trigger each other. We came to find out ways of talking/behaving that were utterly good for us. Nobody told us what to do, we found out what we needed with Tracy's help ourselves. We had other counselors that told us what to do and it never worked."
- KK, Client

" I first started seeing Tracy over two and a half years ago when I was really at the end of my tether. Nothing in my life was working out, and in all honestly, I was feeling quite desperate.  I had seen many therapists in the past, with differing levels of success, but had never gelled with anyone and found myself in a dark place that I couldn't find a way out of.  Going into meet Tracy for the first time I was cynical at best - I felt like I had tried everything and nobody would ever be able to help me.  But half way through our first session this seemingly mild mannered woman made an observation that was so truthful and insightful about my own psyche - that it quite literally took my breath away. Consequently - with that respect well and truly earnt - I have gone on to see my life completely transform from what it was to what it is now. And that is completely down to the education Tracy has given me in myself.  She is far and away the best therapist I have seen and I could not recommend her more highly." - AM, Client

"Tracy is a compassionate, warm, and fun therapist who understands teens and parents at a very deep level. Highest recommendation."
Douglas Green, MA, MFT
  Douglas Green, MA, MFT
  Marriage & Family Therapist
  Colleague, known for 4 years

"I enjoy being around Tracy. She is very accepting, compassionate and understanding. She is one of the most gifted therapists I know. I only wish I had a therapist like her in my youth! I highly recommend Tracy."
Meg Kuroda, MA, LMFT
  Meg Kuroda, MA, LMFT
  Marriage & Family Therapist
  Colleague, known for 4 years

"Tracy's presence says it all. From the moment I met her I felt comfortable and valued. Everyone should feel that way walking into a therapists office. I highly recommend reaching out to her."
Brittany Fella, MA
 Brittany Fella, MA
 Marriage & Family Therapist Intern
 Colleague, known for 4 years