THE INITIAL CONSULTATION

Call 310-226-2826 or send me an email from my contact page to schedule a free phone consultation.  If you are under the age of 18, please have your parent or guardian contact me. Consultations typically take 15-20 minutes.  This is an opportunity to decide if we are a good fit and gather some general information.  When we decide to move forward, a personal visit will be scheduled.

                                         THE FIRST VISIT

The first visit is primarily dedicated to paperwork, gathering of history, and other administrative details to get the process started.  It is also a valuable time to determine if you will be comfortable working with me.


If you are under 18, a parent or guardian must be present for this first visit.  It is preferred to have both parents involved in this session, so that all necessary paperwork and signatures can be gathered and a full history taken.  After the first visit, individual sessions can begin.  I also encourage family meetings to touch base with parents when important matters arise in individual sessions.


When participating in family sessions, it is important that all family members be present for the first visit and as much as possible for each following session.  The best family work happens when everyone is participating and working toward the same goals.  There may be times when I might recommend seeing part of the family or an individual, but this would typically be on an as needed basis.


Both partners in a couple are required come to the first visit for couple’s therapy and should be prepared to come as a couple on an ongoing basis.  There may be times when I might recommend seeing each partner individually, but this would typically be on an as needed basis.

                                                            MY FEE

My full fee is $200.  I work with individuals, families and couples in a 50-minute weekly session.  I also offer a weekly 90-minute session for couples or families that require additional time. 


When using PPO insurance, I process the insurance paperwork for you.  Many insurance plans offer generous mental health coverage which can significantly reduce your out of pocket expense for therapy.  I verify your benefits with the provider and communicate the terms with you prior to our first session.

                                                       DIRECT PAY

When insurance is not an option, I accept payment by cash, check, and credit card. On a limited basis, I offer a sliding scale to determine your fee based on need and circumstances.


The courtesy of 24 hours’ notice is appreciated for all cancellations.  Any cancellation without 24 hours’ notice or a no-show for an appointment will result in a charge of one session fee.